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Daniel is very knowledgable with landlord/tenant laws. Excellent communication and helped make our settlement as tenants a great experience. I would recommend him to anyone who is dealing with landlord/tenant disputes.

Steve Doan

Daniel was very professional and helpful to resolve an issue we had with past landlords. He guided us through the whole process with thorough explanation of everything, as this was our first legal issue. He was able to achieve us an outcome in this case that we were very happy with. We will be forever grateful for Daniel's legal expertise and care he has for his clients. I would recommend Daniel's legal services to anyone who is in need of legal representation and advice.

Emma Peterson

I went to D.A. Commissioning to get a dispute with my dental clinic resolved. Daniel and his staff were very professional and though the case sounded a little confusing at first, (mostly because I had a hard time trying to convey the facts) they took the time to listen and fully understand what was going on. Once the confusion was taken care of, Daniel and his staff took action. My dispute was resolved quickly and my dental clinic had dropped all billing against me and it turned out that Daniel had found they actually owed me money. I was happy to just let that go, as it was not a huge amount anyhow. I'm just pleased that it is over. Thank you Daniel and staff

Mike S.

This is the best paralegal service in Barrie and I would highly recommend anyone to take this opportunity. Daniel does an amazing and tremendously well in carrying out my service. He is very professional, knowledgeable with what he does and thereby did provide me with the best service of getting ride of my ticket. This is 100% satisfaction for me and I look forward to working with this paralegal service in the future.

toheeb Badmus

Our experience with Daniel was exceptional. He listens to everything you have to tell him, then gives his opinion. He was amazing for us as we'd never been in our situation before and he guided us all the way through it. You can see that he really cares about his clients and makes sure they understand everything about their case. I would use Daniel's services over and over again in a heartbeat. He's one in a million. Thank you Daniel for everything you did for us.

Lauren Johnston