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Our commitment to very high standards sets us apart. Experience legal service with an unwavering dedication to excellence, ensuring your case receives the attention and quality it deserves.

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Success at Every Turn

Inclined towards success in every case we undertake, we bring a track record of triumphs. Trust us to navigate the legal landscape precisely, securing favorable outcomes tailored to your unique situation.

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We believe in simplifying the complex. Let us guide you through intricate legal processes, clearly explaining each step. We take the day-to-day tasks off your hands, ensuring a streamlined experience.

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Your Legal Issues Are Our Top Priorities

At D.A. Legal we use block fees, so you'll always know upfront the cost of your legal action and you won't be caught off guard with surprise legal fees. Please note that the fees quoted below are discretionary and may be subjected to change depending on the complexity of your case.


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  • Affidavit drafting and signature- $150.00 per document
  • Notary- $50.00 per Seal
  • Legal Letters- Starting at $350.00
  • Pre-litigation Representation- Starting at $1,500.00
  • Employment Legal letter- Starting at $500.00

Please note that this is a guide to likely legal cost and the above fees may be subject to change depending on time and complexity of your legal matter. This will be discussed comprehensively prior to engagement.

13% HST is charge on the above fees

Daniel is very knowledgable with landlord/tenant laws. Excellent communication and helped make our settlement as tenants a great experience. I would recommend him to anyone who is dealing with landlord/tenant disputes.

Steve Doan

Daniel was very professional and helpful to resolve an issue we had with past landlords. He guided us through the whole process with thorough explanation of everything, as this was our first legal issue. He was able to achieve us an outcome in this case that we were very happy with. We will be forever grateful for Daniel's legal expertise and care he has for his clients. I would recommend Daniel's legal services to anyone who is in need of legal representation and advice.

Emma Peterson

This is the best paralegal service in Barrie and I would highly recommend anyone to take this opportunity. Daniel does an amazing and tremendously well in carrying out my service. He is very professional, knowledgeable with what he does and thereby did provide me with the best service of getting ride of my ticket. This is 100% satisfaction for me and I look forward to working with this paralegal service in the future.

Toheeb Badmus

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